PRO Group

PROGROUP is one of building companies found by Mr. Le Tran Tuan Hai. This group’s forerunner is The Southern Building Individual Business, established in 2002

Over previous decade of development, we always aspiring incessantly to “build a prosperity” – self prosperity, and taking prosperity to each member’s family and social community.

By breakthrough bearing, combining modern management method basing on applied high-tech base with the professional and zealous employee, mature young people with experiences from the master of knowledge, we successfully built an individual economy group with many business fields including parent company – subsidiary company, we trade in Vietnamese territory and foreign countries in fields: building, investment, medical, production, education,   industrial technology, commerce, service……

Our strength had successfully built a self-contained operating model in many fields. So, we are always initiative offering to customers the best solutions with low price in the short time.

We have 3,586 employees with bachelor degree and over, in there, have 38 masters and 588 specialized masters.

Capital: 1,200,000,000,000 VNĐ (One thousand and two hundred billions Vietnamese dongs)