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Ban Tay So Solutions provides clients worldwide with Digital Services, including IT Outsourcing, Website,  Software & Mobile Applications Development, Games and Online Marketing Systems.
We’re familiar with all the latest technologies. Our combined experience, creativity and innovation have allowed us to become experts in working with Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby and various Mobile Platforms.
Top Quality, Flexibility, Punctuality, Affordability & Service – just a few of the many reasons Ban Tay So is the best choice for all your Digital needs!

Ban Tay So Solutions specializes in IT outsourcing with a twist: we work closely, often on site, with international clients active in the interactive marketing and mainstream business sectors. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring outsourcing to your doorstep.

With Ban Tay So, your success is how we measure our own!

About Us

Our Mission

From BanTaySo to Completion, we strive to constantly produce innovative solutions and services that add value to our customers.

Our Vision

To lead in the Invention and Development of advanced solutions for our Clients.

Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of any successful business is its ability to "listen & learn" its customer.

At BanTaySo we are committed to growing with our clients by:

  • Understanding their business challenges
  • Aligning ourselves as a part of their team
  • Developing solutions that improve business operations
  • Assuring ROI
About Us


A disciplined focus on the unmet needs & expectations of customers, that plays a critical role in building solutions to give "Just What They Want".


Use BanTaySo expertise to benefit the clients through an open, collaborative approach. Our Industry Solutions ensure that we have specialist knowledge to address the particular challenges of different industries.


Our system is built on the premise that ensures a control over the processes by

  • Applying clearly defined procedures
  • Utilizing the best tools & skills for the job
  • Ensuring frequent cross-functional audits
  • Integrating a culture of continuous improvement

Consistent experience

Positive customer experiences are often the basis for translating customer engagements into long-term relationships.