A successful e-commerce website can be the focus of your marketing strategy. It will open up new markets and offer a variety of innovative ways to do business.

BanTaySo studied and understands your entire business process and offers its own e -commerce solution . We can help you to overcome great challenges on how to maintain your e -commerce website , including :
1. First obtaining your potential customers
You need as a target not just your regular clientele , but also be open to the untapped market before designing after the sale nachdenken.Wir e -commerce sites with cool business-like interfaces which radiates reliability , progress and flexibility. We focus on appearance and functionality to attract your potential and existing customers and keep.
2.  Building your customer confidence
If your customers do not feel safe , they will not buy . We can help your clients to gain confidence by using your website, its design and content to show your clients so that you are serious about your business , services and growth. Our web language will be simple , eye-catching and memorable. With significant input from you , we will build your website constantly with up to much details for customer confidence.
3.  Make buying decisions easy
It is an obvious requirement but fail many e-commerce solutions to deal with . Our e -commerce websites with ease of use in its core are designed so that we always offer user-friendly navigation , easy purchase options with a few steps and easily accessible important information. We also try to give your customers as many options as possible to keep when it comes to possible payment methods .
4.  Maintaining the security
The security of your personal customer and payment data should be a priority . For business and legal reasons this must be tackled with seriousness . To implement all our e -commerce solutions security features such as the use of secure servers for all payment transactions , integration with secure payment gateways and password protection for shop administration .
5.  Building your customer loyalty
We at BanTaySo will help you to increase repeat business and referrals from your customers. We integrate several functions in your website to get customers back , depending on your ability , we recommend basic material for email newsletter system , customer surveys , message boards, a friend to provide links and shop / dealer network ..